Messed up docker-compose.yml file


I think I just messed up my docker-compose file. The reason was that my Tilt did not show up in my dashboard anymore. In my brewblox folder I have the docker-compose.yml file and a docker-compose-shared.yml. When I run brewblox-clt update I get the following error:

how can I fix that again, and finally use my tilt’s SG data in the Graph widget?



Could you please post your docker-compose.yml file using brewblox-ctl termbin docker-compose.yml ?

There’s a ° as first character on the first line that shouldn’t be there. The rest looks OK.

It helped :+1: Any idea why the file changed?

Maybe you edited it with nano, and hit ctrl+V when closing.

Alternatively, gremlins did it while you slept.

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