Micro USB on Particle broke off

The Micro USB connector on the Particle Photon broke off; I am currently powering the unit through an AC adapter. Unfortunately, none of the temperature sensors come up on the display (they were fully functional before the accident). I ordered a Particle Photon from the manufacture’s website. If I install the new Photon into the BrewPI unit, install the BrewPI software via USB, should the temperature sensors come back up? Thanks everyone.

Can’t see why not. Once you have flashed the firmware with the flashDfu script, you should see the sensors in the device manager. Depending on how hard you yanked on the USB connector, send Particle an e-mail about the USB connector breaking off. It might be under warranty, so you won’t have to pay for the replacement you ordered.

I got my replacement Photon in and connected to the RPi2. I ran the sudo ~/brewpi-tools/install.sh script. Did I do something incorrect? How do I run the flashDfu script?

Check out the instructions in the forum post entitled BrewPi Photon update?, which includes a link to Device Modes from Particle.io:

Thanks. That post helped out. I tried running the script from Github rather than locally.