Mini review from store!

Well my items arrived and i fitted the whirlpool stick, I’m mighty impressed with custom fittings, so much so I refitted my tap and its now very sturdy.

thanks guys !

Thanks for the positive words :smile:

There is a review tab on each item on the store as well. Would really appreciate it if you left a review there.
You can link to this thread for the photos.

I didn’t really think about that the common O-ring locknuts (like below) would be wobbly.

Do they not have steel on steel contact?

Before i only had a plain hex nut with no grove as in your pic, and had to use a fiber washer on outside to stop drips, I found using your face sealing lock better as i can’t easily over tighten them and the thread tolerance means i didn’t need much ptfe tape.

I’ll add what type of pump (head/flow) do you use to get a good whirlpool ?

A general whirlpooling question brought on by looking at your kettle pic: you have what looks like a Hop Stopper from, but with a slightly different outlet (coming out through the top, not the side).

Q: After you’ve allowed to whirlpool to settle and start drawing off the wort, doesn’t having the suction end of the dip tube in the same location as the collected trub make for a slow run-off (since the wort has to get through that trub pile)?

I use a HopBlocker, which has its own set of issues but at least it’s off to the side (closer to where the outlet valve is installed on the side of the kettle). Thus the siphon is happening away from the pile of trub.