Missing fridge MIN / MAX Settings in build 0.4.1

If i remember correctly earlier builds had a MIN / MAX value for fridge temp which seems missing in newer builds. I liked those as when i am doing a coldcrash i worry that my compressor is pushed to hard if it is allowed to go for example 10 degrees lower than my cold crash temp at zero degrees. I now that i am able to change the max diff to for example 2 degrees but that will make the process to get down to zero much slower.

Any thoughts about that?

This can be added back in. I think it would also be useful for mashing to have an absolute max too prevent enzyme denaturation.

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Did you add back in the MIN/MAX fridge setting for 0.4.2? Just curious. I haven’t updated to 0.4 yet.

Not yet. It still only has a PID max setting, the max difference between beer and fridge temp.

Okay, thanks. Being able to control the max difference between the two would still accomplish what I was trying to do (and maybe even better).