Mounting BrewPi Spark 3

I am trying to figure out how to mount the Brew Pi Spark 3. I bought a cutting 12x18 cutting board, which I would like to mount it to. I noticed there’s 2 holes on the back, is this for for mounting the device?

Also what is the MicroSD slot used for?

MicroSD slot is currently not used. It is for potential future logging.

I see in the description for the Spark 3," the 2 mounting screws on the back for mounting to a panel or to mount countersunk magnets." What size countersunk magnet and screw would work for this?

I just had a strip of aluminum that I drilled holes in to match the mounting holes on the spark 3 and then mounted it onto. Be careful not the strip the included mounting screws though as they are made of rather soft metal.

These are great:

The 16mm is a good fit. If you go larger, you might need a washer. The screw head is 4.4mm.

And yes, don’t overtighten them to not strip the screw or the plastic.

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