Multi chamber progress?


It has been awhile that I have seen an update on this topic. Any ideas when we may be able to use our brewpi’s for more than one fermentation chamber?

We’re still working on the new software stack, but expect to have a first release in about 3 months.

You can follow the progress at

It’s taking a long time because we’re not just doing multichamber, but will give the user complete freedom to set up as many PIDs, sensors, actuators as he wants and create custom dashboards with widgets and charts tailored to the brewery. We’re working on it with 3 developers at the moment so we’re making good progress, but need a bit more time before we can accept the first beta testers.

All BrewPi Sparks can be upgraded to the new stack when it is ready.


Oh cool! So it’s not just been the changes in the BrewPi repos? :slight_smile:

Just wanted to follow this thread since I have 2 fermenters, and use propane for heating instead of electric, have 7x controllers and 13x valves. :slight_smile: Is there a way to test the new stuff or just wait?