Multiple cooling cycles in a short period

Hello, I haven’t had any problems with the algorithm running smoothly but now my fridge is cycling on several times in a short window of time (e.g. 4-5 times over 20 minutes) when it was cycling on once or twice hourly. I have been playing around with the constants to get things dialed in but thought I would ask the peanut gallery. I didn’t make any changes until the issue was occuring and the only thing I updated was the beer profile to remain at 13C for a few extra days as a diacetyl rest.

Before Issues


To me it looks like fridge temp probe is to close to the wall of the
cooling device.

But the beer temp is spot on i wouldn’t worry

I think squid is right, if you can get the fridge temp sensor to respond a bit slower to cooling, that will reduce this.

But I really would not worry about it, there are minimum cooling times in the algorithm to protect the compressor.

I would be more worried about a diacetyl rest at 13C. Shouldn’t you be at 20-22 degrees for that?

Thanks for taking a look. I moved the sensor and its operating very well. Regarding the diacetyl rest, if you’re pitch count is appropriate I don’t think it’s necessary to raise the temperature more than 13C.