My electrical HERMS setup

Hi there,

I just finished building my HERMS setup, as per @Elco’s drawings.
Have a look:

A friend of mine helped me on the electrical part. There is still a need for some SSR’s to connect the pumps.

Looks beautiful, right? :smile: I made the connections in copper - I probabily should have done them in another material, but it was easiest to do so. Tomorrow I’ll give it a shot with “manual” brewing, just to chekc the heating power and the PWM outputs Elco has coded.

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that does look beautiful!
but why copper? that would make cleaning the setup a lot more complex… wouldn’t it be more easy to use the connectors and the silicone tubing?
when you need to clean the kettles, how do you remove the kettles from the pipes?

Yes, copper was indeed “easy but stupid”…
I can simply unplug the kettles from the copper tubing, that’s no problem. I still have to make a few minor changes, and find a decent cleaning agent working with copper (any hint appreciated). I did a simple manual run on monday and it worked pretty well, reched an efficiency of 79% without using HERMS but simply heating everything on the induction heater.

Looks very interesting. I’m doing HERMS too with a brew pi. I would be very interested in knowing how your using the brewPI for this.

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