My first fridge build

Hello fellow brewers,

I finished my fridge build a few days ago and wanted to share my results.

I used this fridge (Bomann VS-3171):

Bomann sells quite inexpensive fridges in Germany, but it should be robust enough for my purposes.

I began by checking out the fridge thermostat:

I am not an expert so I googled a bit and tried around a bit what to do, to go around the thermostat completely. I had to connect all the wires (compressor, light, fridge fan) except ground (yellow/green) for that.

Behind the thermostat enclosure I drilled a hole in the side wall of the fridge (luckily only insulation) for the fridge sensor and beer sensor.

I used the SSRs from the Brewpi shop to switch the fridge compressor and my heater. this is where I mounted the SSR:

I used this reptile cable as a heater:

The cable from the heater is routed through the condensation run-off hole, so apart from the hole in the side wall (for the sensors) I didn’t have to drill.

This is the inside of the finished build (you can see my first brew already fermenting :beer:):

What you can not see in the picture is the 120mm fan I mounted beneath the wood panel. I just connected the fan to a 12v supply, so it’s basically “always on” (well not really, I can pull the plug out if I want). it has a switch where you can choose from 2 speed settings for the fan.

So far I am really happy with this build. I’d like to switch out the reptile cable for a tube heater sometimes (mainly to save some room, but I’m having a hard time to find a fitting one here in Germany.

Screenshot from my first brew:

Hi Jonas,

I have bought this one :

And it works fine !


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