My Freezer Build :)

Just wanted to drop by and post up the results of my recent build, really loving the BrewPi so far :slight_smile:

By build is based on a small size chest freezer, 60W tube heater and PWM computer fan.

I wrote quite a long blog about the build if you’re interested -

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I’m looking for ways to mount a fan on the side of my chamber and your solution seems nice.

Could you detail it a bit? Pictures would be great.

Hi matdias,

Yeah I used “no more nails” tape to mount the stuff, I’d suggest something similar as it is a lot easier than drilling into the fridge.

I got a simple door or gate hinge from the local DIY store to allow the fan to pivot and fold against the wall. I hold it the closed position using a simple bathroom style sliding lock, again from the local DIY store and just lean it against the fermentation bucket when it is running.

Simple and effective :slight_smile:

Here’s a photo that shows the fan setup more clearly.

Oh and in terms of wiring it in I used an old 12V adapter for power. I wired the yellow cable on the fan to positive and all the other cables to ground.

Take a look at squirrel cage fans or blower fans.

I’m thinking of adding these to the store. They can be mounted flat against the wall, take air in on the front and flow it out on the side.

Wow, big thanks @radm4 and @Elco.

The door hinge solution would be great for an old computer fan laying around. Thanks for the details.

The squirrel cage fans (‘cooler centrífugo’ here in Brazil) are something to have in mind for sure, didn’t know about them.

Finally my chinese squirrel cage fan arrived.

I just finished installing it in my fermentation chamber (which happens to double as my kegerator and is placed in my apartment’s kitchen).

That thing is noisy. It’s impossible to live with that level of noise in a kitchen.

What a did: instead of a 12V power supply (the rated voltage of the cooler) I bought another one with 7.5V. Now the cooler spins a little slower but I’m certain it’s enough for my mini fridge. And, of course, the noise decreased dramatically. I think I can live with that level of noise (and made the wife happy too).