My fridge just died does this look right - any smart people able to help?

So my fridge started hissing and I could smell burning plastic so I quickly turned it off as you do…

So i’m pretty sure this is the part that failed as i suspect it’s meant to be in one part.

but it leads to this white thing which might have cause the problem in the first place. it’s quite an old fridge and is obsolete, does anyone have any thought as to why this may have failed. is it worth trying to find a replacement part?



The part that failed is your starting capacitor. It is very common when electonics fail, that it is an electrolytic capacitor that has bulged up. I think you should be able to replace it, but I am no fridge expert.

Cheers @Elco I’ve emailed a few suppliers as the maker of the capacitor Doesnt exist anymore and i can’t find a like for like replacement, hopefully I’ll find one. The ones I can find aren’t 4uf

Having read a bit on them now though it explains why sometimes the fridge didn’t turn on to cool (giving it a shove usually kicked it into life)



These ones are so cheap I would just give it try:

I once replaced one on a freezer and it is working again.

Thanks I’ll give t a shot I wasn’t sure that if I replace something 4uf with something bigger that it’ll risk a fire hazard or something

I think ballpark is good enough for the actuator value. Anything between 4 and 10 uF. The voltage rating is more important, make sure it is at least as high as the old one.

I am no fridge expert either. I did what @Elco said, I replace mine with the same rating and this worked…