Navigation Buttons & iframes?

I’m experimenting with using a tablet as my brewery HMI and there’s a couple features that would be nice to have:

  • I’m not finding anything but is there any way to build some button-based navigation between dashboards? I’d love to put a row of buttons for quick navigation at the top of tablet-specific dashboards for each fermenter for quick navigation between them. Yes using the menu isn’t that hard but this would be even better for a touch UI.

  • Any way we could get a widget that allows showing another web page within a widget? Preferably with user-selectable zoom? Specifically I’d really like to show TiltPi within BrewBlox. I know about the Tilt integration and played with it early on but prefer to stick with TiltPi. This would likely be useful for other reasons as well such as displaying a digital taplist.

Navigation buttons could be useful. We’ll consider overall design a bit, and possibly tweak the concept before implementation.

The second request is typically implemented using iframes. Placing one in a widget shouldn’t be a problem.

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