Need assistance flashing firmware for new setup BrewPi Spark (Photon)

Hello, I am trying to finalize my BrewPi setup and I’m stuck. I’ve set up my fermentation chamber, tested the relays, controls, sensors and everything looks good on that end. I can pull up the interface through my RPi’s IP address and can see the test data. However, when I try to flash the newest firmware to overwrite the test I get the following:

Jul 02 2016 15:30:02 Opening serial port
Jul 02 2016 15:30:12 Errors while opening serial port:
Could not find compatible serial devices

I am using Windows 10, with RPi 3 and Spark Photon that came from BrewPi. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

First, very silly question:

Do you have the BrewPi Spark connected to the Raspberry Pi via USB?

python /home/brewpi/ should show you the connected devices. Your BrewPi Spark should show up there.

If it doesn’t, try with a different USB cable.

Yes, BrewPi Spark is connected via USB.

Running python /home/brewpi/

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ python /home/brewpi/
All ports:
/dev/ttyAMA0 - ttyAMA0, VID:None, PID:None
Compatible ports:
Selected port: (None, None)

Appears I need to switch the USB and try again? Will do so tomorrow and post results.

Success! I swapped the USB and was able to flash the latest firmware via the web interface.

**** Program script done! ****
Jul 03 2016 11:25:25 New program uploaded to controller, script will restart
Jul 03 2016 11:25:31 Opening serial port
Jul 03 2016 11:25:31 Notification: Script started for beer 'My First BrewPi Run’
Jul 03 2016 11:25:41 Checking software version on controller…
Jul 03 2016 11:25:41 Found BrewPi v0.4.3 build 0.4.3-0-g4d00879, running on a Particle Photon with a V2 shield on port /dev/ttyACM0

@Elco Thanks for the fast response. As someone with no programming experience, this was actually pretty straight forward once I got over the learning curve. It was fun learning a bit as I was getting set up, and now I’m looking forward to making better beers. Cheers!