Need help on wiring up my controller

Hey all,

I’ve searched and searched and cannot find how to hook this up. I have my BrewPi and my Spark setup and working.
I want to make a box with 2 outlets, one for heating and one for cooling. I have 2 ssr’s but not sure how they would connect to the electrical outlets. Or how it connects to the BrewPI.
If anybody could give me a hint I would really appreciate it.


Ok so first I would take a bit of caution if you are new to electrical work it can be dangerous.

Now with that out of the way when you say your setup is working you have the webUI up and have been able to add your one wire sensors and they read temps correctly and you just need to wire up the SSR?


Correct the spark is showing temps and the webpage is functioning. I’ve got 2 electrical outlets in a box and I want to have one for cold/fridge and the other for heater
Thank you

Ok so the SSR are triggered via the green pigtails (5V digital outputs). Flip over the BPi and you will see a wiring diagram that shows the +/- for each pigtail. You will take two leads from the pigtail and connect them to the corresponding +/- on the input side of your SSR (take a look at this pic for reference That will handle the switching of the SSR from open to closed. On the opposite side of the SSR is where you will wire in the outlets; hot from power source to one side and the other to the hot on the outlet itself (in the picture link this would be HOT from source to 1 and 2 would go to HOT on outlet). The rest of the wiring on the outlet is normal from the source power, neutral to neutral ground to ground.

If you do not feel comfortable with this PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED, find a person local that can walk you through it or do a lot of youtube’n and make sure you understand how electrical circuits work.

I hope this is of some help.


Perfect!! Thank you very much I thought it was that way but just needed verification

Thanks again!!

I have been doing some reading up on the process and have my project box ready to go. If you don’t mind I’d like to send along images of what I have done to confirm I’ve wired everything together safely.

Could you please post your wiring diagram? It would be super help for me. I am a total noob. I want to understand my circuit before I order.