Need Recommendations Build for this Freezer with BrewPi

I have a scratch and dent commercial freezer I want to convert to dual stage temperature controlled fermentation. Here is the freezer:

Existing freezer Thermostat instruction_digital_controller.pdf (454.2 KB)

Do I completely eliminate the existing temperature controller? Do I leave the defrost disconnected? How do I control the fans? I think I want to keep those running all the time. I would then add a tube heater somewhere. All advice and suggestions are very much appreciated. I’m hoping to get a parts list of what I’m going to need.

If you are using it as a fermentation chamber then you have no need for the defrost heaters. Unless… they are powerful enough to serve as your heating element (instead of the tube heater).

I believe that brewpi software currently allows for a chamber fan–so I would use that to control the evaporator fans. The compressor fan should be kept on the same circuit as the compressor.

Can someone provide me a list of the items I will need from the BrewPi store and other places to use this freezer as a fermentation chamber?