Negative set point


I’ve installed my brewpi into an unused freezer, and it’s all setup and running as expected :heart_eyes: . One small adjustment I would like to perform is to change the minimum fridge set point from 1° C to something around -18° C. At present, cold crashing a beer down to 4°C takes longer than it really should, and with more cycling of the compressor, due to the fridge setting only going as low as 1°C, even though the freezer has far greater capacity to cool. It’s certainly not a a critical issue, but I’m wondering how easy it would be to change (quick tweek in a python script, or would it require a recompile of the code?).

Thanks in advance,

in Advanced settings you can change the minimum fridge setpoint. The minimum is -16C.

Ahh, excellent, thank you. Feel free to delete this post.