New brewblox install spark2

i decided to update my brewpi fermatation fridge with brewblox.
this is spark 2 on a pi 2
all went well installing, i had to also do bootloader update but now it cycles service connection and doesnt work.
here is my log
thank you.

The controller is failing to send a field in system info. This may be either due to data transfer issues, or a bug on the controller. Does the problem persist if you set up wifi ,and disconnect the controller from USB?

hi bob,

i tried to connect to wifi through the ui but it did nothing

by nothing i mean it didnt connect, i didnt see an ip on the spark screen

For this, you’ll have to use brewblox-ctl wifi, as the UI relies on the normal communication (which is currently not working).

i had to stop service in order to enter my wifi without it glitch
and yes now it connected .
should i do anything else or keep it that way?

I’ll investigate here what caused the problem over USB in the first place. Unless this causes other problems for you, I’d recommend keeping it connected over wifi.

i wont be brewing in the next couple of weeks so i got some time to figure everything out. i did save my pid settings from the previous brewpi install. trying to figure out where to enter them.
thanks for the quick reply :wink:

Legacy BrewPi settings are unlikely to be useful - the system has changed a lot. To get started, I recommend running a quick start wizard. This will generate common blocks and settings for you.

Hi bob,
can you please check out the graph and advice?
what i understand is that after 1,5h of cool on it stoped for a bit and then the comressor overheated and couldn’t start again until the next cool off - on period.
this is just a bucket of 25l of water as a first test. i usually ferment double that
thank you!

For more detailed information on why things happened, check out the Cool PID graph.

I assume you’re referring to the various spikes around 23:00? The compressor is set to have a Minimum OFF constraint (a setting of the Cool Actuator block). Due to the nature of PWM, it had an OFF period starting around 23:00.

After the Minimum OFF period, it started on the next cycle. From around 00:30, you can see the PWM responding to the beer temp getting closer to the setpoint. The ON pulses are getting shorter, until the PWM stabilizes at around 30%.

For a test with half volume, the accuracy and responsiveness look reasonable. Tuning can always be improved, but I don’t see anything wrong here.

aprox 23:00 to 00:30 looks like cool pin state is 1 but actual cooling started at 23:45

If you select that specific period in the graph (not just zoom in on the current graph), the data will be more accurate. Right now it’s averaging values to reduce graphed data. This can be misleading for 0/1 values such as pin state.

ok zoomed in

I can’t fully explain why the fridge temp still went up (but slower) at 23:15, but given that in the next cycles everything behaved as expected, I suspect that there is some environmental explanation. Maybe the compressor did overheat and was slow to respond, or the door was open.