New BrewBlox User - a couple of questions

Hi - I’m on my first BrewBlox brew after several years of using BrewPi and had a couple of questions:

(1) By default, when I open my link to my BrewBlox view, the hamburger menu is always open (config options, dashboard selection, etc). Is there a way to link directly to my fermentation dashboard with the menu pane closed?

(2) I struggled with free rise to fermentation temperature on this first brew. I’m running a glycol system with a heater on my conical. I left the heater unplugged during free rise, but got a fair amount of overshoot:

The heater PID kept calling for heating well beyond the set point, so it took a while for cooling to kick in. When I had done free rise with BrewPi, I would temporarily switch my heating output from Chamber Heater to manual actuator/off and didn’t get the same overshoot. I’m running default PID settings on BrewBlox. Any advice?


You can set any dashboard to be the “primary” dashboard in its actions menu (top right).
Then when you open https://pi_address without any sub-path, it will immediately navigate to that dashboard.

Initial sidebar position is currently hardcoded to “open unless on mobile”, but it’s a few seconds work to either add an url parameter (https://pi_address?sidebar=closed), or save sidebar status in localstorage. Any preference?

One-way free rise as a feature is still on the backlog. For now you can unset the Heat PID input block to disable heating without it building up the integrator. You can access the PID settings either by clicking on the heating icon in the builder, or by selecting the block on the Spark service page.
Click on the expand button in the block toolbar to see the Input Block setting.

I think disabling the heater PWM is probably easier.
Click that button:

Thanks both - I’m really enjoying the switch to the new software.

Bob - I was just rereading your post. Either sidebar solution makes sense for me. Thanks.

This worked great. Thanks.