New BrewPI panel

Just wanted to share my new panel that’s nearly complete. I have used a shamefully bad panel for several years and finally decided to build something nice. I’m controlling 2 Spike CF10’s and a remote relay box that kills power to my chiller if I don’t have a profile running on either fermenter.

The RJ12 and 12V jacks are in 3D printed bezels to make mounting easier. Should have printed one big one but it all worked out great.

Just waiting on an e-stop button, LED indicator lamp and a few other small parts to wrap it up. I also need to decide what to do with the tablet I use as an HMI. Currently its wall mounted, thinking of flush mounting it in the new panel or adding some kind of holder to park it here.

That looks nice! If the tablet is wireless anyway, clip or magnet mounts could be an option, so you can detach it at will.

I ended up 3d printing something and tweaking my dashboard. I’ve got a coiled USB cord on the way since I need to keep it plugged in most of time. Possibly could have use a charging pad but this works well. The idea of the E-Stop is overkill but I have popped off a connector and fumbled to kill glycol flow so for $20 its worth it.