New internet setup

Hi! We changed the internet at home and realised the brewpi needs to be updated. Is there any way we can do this without redoing the whole setup?

Absolutely. You only need to update wifi credentials.

For the Pi: connect the Pi with a network cable to your router. To get the cabled IP address of your Spark, follow the instructions at Getting started | Brewblox. In an SSH session, run sudo raspi-config, and select “System Options” → “Wireless LAN” to edit wifi settings. When wifi is up again, you can disconnect the cable.

For a Spark 2 or 3: connect the Spark over USB to the Pi, and run brewblox-ctl wifi.

For a Spark 4: follow the steps outlined at Getting started | Brewblox (you need to expand the big block that says “Spark 4”)

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