New One Wire Temp Sensors Don't Read Temperature?

I received 2 new temp sensors and a pair of expansion boards earlier this week. I plugged in the first and ran the Discover New OneWire Blocks function and found the sensor but the temp reading was off by over 20F and very unstable, varying by upward of 10F up and down. I unplugged that one and plugged in the other and repeated the same steps but couldn’t get it to read a temp at all. When I went back to the first it also wouldn’t read a temp. I removed both blocks and can rediscover both, but get no temps. I tried this a few times in different ports, always the same results. Existing sensors all work fine even when moved to different ports. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

This mostly suggests that the sensors themselves are defective.

If the new sensors are plugged in, do the old ones function normally? Are all internal wires connected properly to the plug?

Old ones work and I don’t see any instability in them. I’ve tried plugging the new sensors into both the Spark 3 itself and the expansion board that’s joined by the cable I also received in my order. The board is switching SSRs fine, and a sensor I moved to the expansion board to free up room for the jumper cable works fine.

I’ll give it another try at lunch. Seems weird 2 could be bad but I suspect you might be right if there’s no step I missed.

I asked about the old ones because if a single OneWire device raises an error, the bus will be unable to read any of the other connected devices.

If the problem is not in the connector either, then it’s unlikely to be something fixable.

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I forgot I had one unused, unpaired sensor. It connected and worked immediately Seems I unfortunately got 2 bad sensors.

That would seem to be the case. Could you please open a store ticket so we can arrange replacements?

Thanks, submitted a ticket last night referring back to this thread.

@Bob_Steers I submitted a ticket but haven’t heard anything. Do you know if it was received?

I’m not involved with the store side of things, so can’t tell you immediately, but I’ll ask tomorrow at the office.

Thanks! Was hoping to get my new fermenter running but waiting on the sensor.

The sensors are packaged, and are now waiting for FedEx pickup.

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Replacements arrived today. Plugged them in, discovered, and they immediately read right and continue to do so several hours later. Must have just been a bad day at the BrewpiPlex the day the others were made :smiley:

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