New raspberry pi

Hi I have bought myself a new pi and have the latest software on it. Can I just add snapshot from previous pi and be up and running, or is there more to it than that?

A little hesitant as it took me a long time to get the first system working.

Many thanks

Yes, you can use a snapshot to get all your blocks, dashboards, and history on your new Pi.

You can follow the instructions at

Do make sure that you stop the services on your old Pi before installing the snapshot on your new one. Two Pi’s trying to connect to the same Spark will cause errors.

Many thanks - I will give it a go.
Happy New Year

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Super - that worked a treat.
Many thanks

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Good afternoon Bob

I am a little confused here. My Raspberry was working fine and had a known ip, but today the ip has changed - I have not done any changes and not touched my router - any ideas what may have triggered this?
Thanks in advance

When connecting, your Pi requests an IP address from the router. Unless configured otherwise, the router is not required to give the same device the same address every time.

In your router settings, under DHCP, there typically is a configuration option called “static DHCP leases”. Here you can ensure that every time your Pi requests an IP address from the router, it is assigned the same IP address.