New Screen, which one?

Hi guys,

I’m switching to BrewBlox controlled mash and am looking for a screen to go with it.
Any recommendations? The 7" pi screen seems too small, but maybe a touch screen is nice to have.
It seems I would need quite some pixels to comfortably fit everything.



I don’t have a specific recommendation, but can shed some light on official support.

Day-to-day and static monitoring can be done on a smaller screen than setup. If you want to permanently display a fullscreen graph, 7" can work just fine. Editing the brewery builder on anything less than 15" is terribly finicky right now.

Right now anything smaller than 1600 x 900 (15" laptop) is supported on a best-effort basis.
The next goal is to fix all issues at 1368 x 768 (13" laptop). This will likely happen the next few weeks.

Perfect mobile / touch screen support will likely take a while. Neither of us has a background in UX/UI design. There’s a lot of trial and error involved.

Thanks Bob, will keep that in mind.

I would not connect a touch screen to the pi.
Our interface is entirely web based, so using a laptop or tablet is easier and will give you a better touch screen or keyboard and mouse.

It the screen is just to have a permanent display and not for control, a TV on the HDMI port is a good option.