New System is Operational!

Here are some pics of my new system! I finally got the chance to use it, and it was a ton of fun. In short, I set up a single vessel, single pump system that’s capable of doing eBIAB and K-RIMS brewing. The same Spark also controls my fermentation fridge. The control panel is mounted in my garage next to the fermentation fridge, and for the time being, I am extending my cables out the window into my outdoor brewing area. A future development will include some junction boxes mounted outside with outlets connected to the panel through the wall.

It’s hard for me to say which aspect of this new brewery I like the best–the incredible software that controls it, the fact that it’s solar-powered, or the chairlift swing where I can relax while the kettle boils away.

Oh, that looks nice!

Is that pulley also for the brew bag?

Not currently. That’s a “legacy pulley”. I upgraded to a ratcheting version and have it hanging from the deck via an adjustable cam strap, so if my layout changes it’s easy to change the hanging location.

For anyone who is interested, the cart that I use was something I built entirely for free out of an old bbq grill and some scrap lumber. I used an old Weber Silver A bbq that I got for free on Craigslist, and stripped it down to it’s metal frame and wheels. It was very easy and is a great size for a brewing cart.

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Very nice! Looks like a very comfortable spot to brew!