New to Brewblox with some questions

Firs I have to say that the improvements to Brewblox has been amazing. I’ve been able to remove the Raspi from my fermentation chamber, which has always been a worry because of the SD card getting corrupt and ruining the beer being fermented. I have a few question on setting up the system correctly.

  1. Is there a way to start a beer like in the previous BrewPi. I liked being able to know when that brew started and ended. The way I currently understand it is it just monitoring and might be somewhat difficult to know when one beer ends and another starts.
  2. Is there a way to change some of the line graphs to bar chart in the graph. I liked having the heating or cooling state as a bar graph. I can quickly see how long a state has been active with a quick look. I currently have the PID state on a separate axis but the graph looks busy and can be difficult to read.


Happy to hear you like it!

We collect and store all data while the system is running, but you can use the Session Log widget to keep track of individual beers.

We don’t currently support bar graphs. The underlying library does, so I can have a look at whether it’s just a toggle.

Do note that depending on your graphed duration, values can be averaged before being rendered. It’s not impossible for the graph to show state = 0.5.

Edit: bar graphs are indeed just a config setting. I’m not entirely convinced they make things better, but we can have a look at whether to offer it as config option.