New user questions - beers and temperature profiles

New BrewBlox user here (been using BrewPi for many years). Really enjoying having a new interface to play with… Two things I am not able to find, not sure if they do not exist in BrewBlox, or am I just thinking about it wrong?

  1. Start new beer. In BrewPi, you would start a new beer when startig fermentation. It could be named with something user-friendly. This would then be saved so that you could go back and look at past ferments. I cannot seem to work out how to do that with the new graph.
  2. Saving / loading fermentation profiles. I used to have a number of different profiles for different beers / yeasts. I would load one and set the start date, make a few tweaks then start the ferment. Is there a way to do this in BrewBlox?

Sorry if I am imnssing something, or just thinking about this wrong. Possibly I just need to learn the “new” way!


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There’s the Session View widget to keep track of graphs in a specific period. It does need some improvements.

The simplest way to have multiple profiles is to have multiple Setpoint Profile blocks. Just disable the ones you’re not using.

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Thank you, @Bob_Steers for a prompt response! That is very helpful. I will check that session wdiget out. It had not occurred to me that adding multiple profile widgets would be an option.

I think a better approach would be to export the block profile block settings and keep the profile files on your PC, but we have not implemented single block export yet.

I’m also interested on solutions to store multiple fermentation profiles in BrewBlox similar to what was available on BrewPi. I’m nearly through my first batch in BrewBlox and have been very impressed at how well it managed the temp profile.

For now, if you have fewer than a dozen profiles, using separate blocks is the simplest approach.

We have multiple features on the backlog that would allow exporting profiles to either the datastore, or JSON file.

Do you have any specific requests?

I have about half a dozen profiles I’ve dialed in based on the yeast I am fermenting with. Would be great if I could load or import temp and time settings, reset the start time and start running with it. Just cloned my current block to save off, will see if that is manageable one I rebuild my library from BrewPi. Seems like it may get a bit unwieldy once you have more than a few profiles.

If you change the start time, all profile points adjust automatically.

For half a dozen profiles I’d advise using a different block for each, and enabling the one you want to use. You can use the step view widget to make an action that disables all profiles. (Run before you enable the one you want to use)

To be honest, I think just manually copying the temperatures from an external list is the easiest way until we have implemented a nice so solution to store them in the software.

Thanks for that. Most of mine are relatively simple anyway - and need adjusting each time. I shift all the time points out several days longer than I think will be needed, and adjust according to the gravity readings on the Tilt. So, for each profile, I will start the ramp up for Diacetyl rest once I hit a specific gravity (working from percentage of fermentation based on my OG and expected FG).

So, adding each time is not really much more work over editting every time. Saying that, it would be good to be able to save profiles. It would be even better if there were some way to use the values from the Tilt to trigger changes :slight_smile:

Saving profiles is something that will definitely happen. SG-triggered changes is technically feasible, but inherently unreliable.

For a Tilt reading to trigger a Spark setting change, it requires four network calls. (Tilt - Tilt service - eventbus - Spark Service - Spark). Your wifi connection drops, and your profile stops.

For this reason we moved profiles to the Spark in BrewBlox. As long as your Spark has power, it will follow the profile - even if both your Pi and your Wifi die.

That makes sense. Thanks!