No cooling after re-enabling beer temp profile

Background: I like to disable temp control on the freezer while there’s no beer in there.

I set a temp profile last night and thought I had enabled brewblox to start managing the temperature. Wake up this morning and nothing has happened, it’s still sitting at room temp.

I’ve rebooted the computer running brewblox a hour ago and I’m still not seeing any change in behavior.

The “ferment cool actuator” seems to be in a eternal wait state to turn on. I’m not sure why.

I’m on firmware version a41ceeb1 (release date 2020-04-09).

Screen shots of what I’m seeing:



Why don’t you run an update? This might be caused by a bug we just fixed.

I had possibly the same issue a couple of weeks ago, with a similar firmware version (2020-04-02). Power cycling the Spark itself released the mutex for me.

It hasn’t happened anymore since I updated the firmware.

I think this is not caused by the mutex staying locked, but the actuator never checking again if the pwm is at 100%. This was fixed in last release.

Thanks, forgot about power cycling the Spark. That helped get things running again.

I normally don’t do a update on brew day, but I did update to the 2020-05-13 version. Seems to be working.



I recommend upgrading before brew day. Especially if the release has been some time ago and any bugs that we missed had some time to be reported by users.

But a day in advance is advisable in case any issues come up.