No Installed Devices Found

I just got my BrewPi up and running, but I’m having trouble with the temp sensors…
I’m getting:

No installed devices found
Parsing available devices
Device list updated for photon with a V1 shield

I’m using the official BrewPi temp sensors (purchased back in Feb I think), and attached the RJ11 connectors myself. I’ve triple and quadruple checked, and the connectors appear to be on correctly. Is there a way to further debug these things?

Just in case it might be useful, I measured the impedance of one sensor… also I’m not really sure what it should be.
I see 300kohm between pins 3 and 4 (1.37M measured the other direction); 410k & 1.3Mohm between pins 4 and 5…

The temperature sensors are digital, so there is not much to be gleaned from measuring the impedance.

If you attached the RJ11 connectors yourself you should only have to verify that the pins on the sensor go to the correct pins on the connector. If that is correct then there may be a poor connection inside the plug.

What diagram did you follow?

Yeah, I guess they have to be digital to be addressable…
(but at least the impedance between pins is not zero, so I’m not shorting anything)

I followed the diagram on the back of the BrewPi Spark case (assuming that the diagram shows the pins as looking into the female connector).

I assumed:
red = +5v = pin 3
black = gnd = pin 4
green = data = pin 5

Ok. Your assumptions seem to match the information here:

Do you have a whisker of copper wire shorting any connection inside the socket?

Do you know that your RJ11 pins are making contact with the wire? (They are supposed to pierce the insulation).

Have you tried connecting only one sensor? If you have one bad one it might affect the others. Try them one at a time.

Those are the obvious things I can think of. Sorry if you tried them already.