No nodes available

Hi - just converted from brewpi to brewblox software, used the basic Ferment Fridge wizard. Just having some trouble using the interface and building a new brewery layout, are there any tutorials on how to up and running?

More specifically, the graph widget does not display any data and when I go to the settings->Metrics the system displays “No nodes available” under the Expand button.

Any help appreciated


It may be a connection issue. If you go to the Spark service page, does it show all your blocks?

Could you also please run brewblox-ctl log in your terminal in the brewblox dir, and post the result link?

Sure, the main blocks seem to be present when i look at the spark servic epage:

Here is the log link: thanks in advance.


Your logs are showing some errors that are usually caused by having multiple Spark services talking to the same controller.

There’s only one Spark service in your docker-compose.yml file. Did you by any change set up multiple installations on your Pi?

This could happen if you run the install script twice, in different directories. Run brewblox-ctl down in both and then run brewblox-ctl up in one.

I couldnt find more than one installation, a reboot seemed to fix-it. Now working fine. Thanks