No response from support


Is anyone else experiencing no response to support tickets?

I have sent multiple questions to support, but no response is given, first one sent 6. feb.

Am I expecting too much or are there any issues?

I have also tried asking on this community some questions directly to Elco, still no response.

Also tried the brewpi facebook page, no response.

Some of my questions have been answered talking to a friend who knows a friend who knows someone from Brewpi.

My questions are not long and complicated.

I really want to use Brewpi parts and dive into Brewblox, even help with coding. But a bit reluctant sending in a large order I am planning for a build when i get no response anywhere.


Same experience. Took me over 2 weeks to get answer on a e-mail regarding a order (almost 300eur). A bit frustrating! The products are good and the potencial for Brewblox looks promising! Please step up the customer support game!


Same for me. No answer from end of January (tickets, emails and forum).
I really want to order some products from BrewPi, i just want to know when these will be back in stock…


Hi Guys,

Sorry about that. I know I need to improve in this area. Due to the long time absence of an employee I’m having a hard time balancing managing the store and development work.

I have replied to Aurelien and Brewfather and will be processing the backlog of tickets this week.



Thank you, i can confirm i got the help i needed.


I confirm too I’ve received your answer. Thank you.