No such file or directory

So I have been on a brewing hiatus for the past year or two. I went to use my brewblox and my RaspberryPi was being a dumper. So I installed the needed updates for Debian, and have been trying to get into Brewblox so I can brew today.
This is the notice I get
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cd ~/brewblox
bash: cd: /home/pi/brewblox: No such file or directory

I cannot get into the brewblox category?

How did you update Debian? If the brewblox directory was removed in the process, then there’s not much we can realistically do.

Upon startup, I hit SHIFT to get into setup, and installed the update there.
I am now going through the process as outlined at Getting started | Brewblox

Will advise on progress.

I get through the:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install -y python3-pip
pip3 install --user setuptools brewblox-ctl
exec $SHELL --login

then try pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cd ./brewblox
bash: cd: ./brewblox: No such file or directory

The ~/brewblox directory is not special. It is a directory like any other found on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It is relevant to Brewblox because it contains the configuration and data files required to start and run the system.

During installation, a new ~/brewblox/ directory is created during the brewblox-ctl install command.

I’m honestly still not entirely sure how or what you updated, as Debian updates are much more involved than simply hitting shift during startup. (I think you updated the raspi-config configuration tool itself)

You can do a directory search to check whether brewblox was installed somewhere else:

find / -maxdepth 5 -type d -name brewblox 2>/dev/null

If this does not yield anything, I recommend a fresh install (follow the install guide from the start, including the SD card flash)

find / -maxdepth 5 -type d -name brewblox 2>/dev/null
came up with the command prompt.
Will do complete install and return if issues arise. Thanks for the help!

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Everything installed correctly and is working… Except…
When I try to use a quick start wizard, it is not available and says, “An active Spark service is required for quick start wizards”

The obvious question is: do you have an active Spark? They are shown in the left sidebar. Active and connected Sparks show a green icon that indicates their connection type.

Theres issues getting it going I guess…
8/7/2021, 1:49:08 PM

Last update

Unable to connect to service

Service status unknown

Service status unknown

Service status unknown

Service status unknown

Your Spark service is offline.

  • Is your backend reachable?
  • Is the service present in your docker-compose file?
  • Is the service running?

Are your services running (brewblox-ctl up)?

Is the firmware up-to-date (brewblox-ctl flash)?

Otherwise, please run brewblox-ctl log, and I’ll take a quick look.

Services are running, up to date, here is the log:

Ended up brewblox-ctl particle -c flash-bootloader
We’re all good now I believe!