Not able to access brewblox on my phone

Sorry for all the questions…
I’m unable to access Brewblox on my phone on the same WiFi my Pi is on. I’m able to get on it via my laptop, but not my phone.
Also, I can only access it on my laptop by typing “raspberrypi” in my browser. If I type in the IP address, I get this:
"This site can’t be reached refused to connect.


What could I be doing wrong?

Sadly, accessing by name won’t work on your phone.

If you can access it by name, but not by IP on your laptop, it suggests it now has a different IP assigned.

To check, open a terminal on your laptop, and run ping raspberrypi. The response will include the IP address.

Does the IP address change? I do recall earlier versions and setups of BrewPi needing to make a static IP. Does that still apply? Only reason I’d need it to stay static is so I can access BrewBlox via my phone.

People may find it more convenient to assign a static DHCP IP address in the router, but it’s not required.

Especially after re-flashing the SD card, your router may have assigned a new IP address.