Not activating pins when heating

I have arduino uno that I am running on my raspberry pi. I believe I have everything setup correctly but there is no pin that is turning on when it starts heating. I have discovered pins 2,10,11,13 have constant power. My SSR is on controller pin 5(Act2). When it says it is heating there is no power coming out of it same when it is idling. Not sure what is going on here.

Well after trying everything even a new Arduino I finally thought what would happen if I sent this to not inverted…I thought it was supposed to be set to inverted but it needed to be not inverted and it looks like that was my problem. DOH! Dummy me lol.

Yes, with the official shields it hat to be inverted because of the transistor on the board. If you use bare arduino pins, it should be set to non-inverted.