Not getting steady temperatures after update/upgrade

Having gone a while without upgrades, I decided to do a clean install and update everything to the latest version and firmware, and resetting everything to defaults.

After doing so, however, my temperature isn’t stabilizing. It keeps jumping over and under the set temp by ~3ish degrees fahrenheit.

Anyone know what’s going on?

A more zoomed in chart will help to analyze this.

Your temperature is going up during cooling. Is your actuator perhaps set to inverted?
It might also help to move your sensor to the back of the fridge.
An empty fridge will also respond very quickly, creating larger oscillations.

I think the cooling is happening on the downward slopes. There’s 5 gallons of starsan in the fridge for testing.

There is a minimum OFF time in fridge constant mode of 10 minutes, this is to prevent fast cycling of the compressor. The light blue bar means ‘Waiting to cool’, it is waiting for those 10 minutes to pass.