Not hitting set point

I recently set up my brewpi to hold a brew at 53 F, brewpi is steadily holding the brew at 50 F. What settings can I adjust to fix this issue?

Before anyone is going to be able to really help you here you need to provide details.

What is your chamber setup; fridge, glycol, water chiller?
What version of the BPi are you running; Arduino or Spark/Photon?
Where/how are your temp probes placed?
Do you have screen shots to share?


It is a chest freezer. Running Photon, updated software and firmware as of 1/22/16. Probe placed in the back near the bottom of the freezer. I dont have screen shots right now. The fridge probe lists the temperature as 50F, and the set point is 53F. It has maintained 50F for about 12+ hours. I will get a screen shot tonight.

What mode are you running in; fridge or beer constant?


i am running in fridge mode

A screenshot of the chart will help a lot.

Can you also share what your settings are for the heater 1 PID in advanced settings?

Do you have a heater installed in the device manager?

Finally, if you could copy and paste the content of the control panel tab, that will help us debug.
Please enclose surround it with 3 backticks for formatting.

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