Numbers of Actuators

Just thought of the BrewPi in a Brew Setup once the software is ready.
Currently we have 3 Actuator ports available, if I would like to control 2 heat elements and 2 pumps with them I’m short of one. The temp sensors and automated valves will be connected via 1-Wire and the new extension board.

Is the long term plan to use these to connect any On/Off or PWM devices?
What is the intended plan for a brew setup?

There will be 1-wire to actuator boards so you can extend the number of actuators

Dan is correct. I believe that due to the 1-wire nature of the system, the number of devices you can add is almost unlimited.

Elco is currently working on PWM.

I think one of the great things about the brewpi is that it gives you the flexibility to be able to set it up however you want

I remember reading about these boards in one of the topics some time ago.
Do we know when these actuator boards are available?

Not sure but there’s a picture of the board here under the heading:

“Multiple fridges? Mash and fermentation control together?”