Old brewpi - craving simplicity

I have been a happy user of Brewpi for several years.
I have aBrewpi Spark v2 and RPi Connected by USB with a hacked fridge and three temp sensors via onewire and a heat SSR and a cool SSR.

It works.
It works very well for what i want to do - set the temp and get a graph by way of the brewpi RPi.

A (brewing) friend has done me a great favour and I would like to replicate my setup - buy the brewpi bits and help him hack a fridge to get results.

Unfortunately everything seems to have got more complicated - containers, brewblox and so on.

Is there an easy way to replicate my setup with new hardware (or do I have to learn Brewblox)?

Brewblox is the only way forward. We don’t provide updates for BrewPi anymore, don’t fix bugs and don’t offer support.

The containers are there to make it easier, not harder. We can provide the application as a pre-built container that you just download and run. This way we don’t have to worry about installing a lot of things on the pi, everything is already baked in.

We have tools to manage these things, like brewblox-ctl update to get the latest version of everything, brewblox-ctl up and brewblox-ctl down to bring the system up or take it down.

We also have a wizard to create a fermentation system just like BrewPi, it configures the Spark and creates a dashboard to control it. Brewblox is built with much more modern technologies and allows us to improve and expand the possibilities.

It will feel a bit daunting, because we do offer many more possibilities. With more choice comes more complexity. But we do our best to make your life easier to do initial setup and to keep the system up-to-date.

To add to what Elco said: we streamlined the setup for a BrewPi-like setup (fridge, sensors, heater, cooler).

You get the “it works” configuration out of the box, and can then safely ignore all advanced configuration.

Thanks for the response. I guess I’ll try the new hardware and new setup and if I get it working for him I’ll think about risking updating my Spark 2!
Going against my mantra - if it’s not broken don’t fix it.