Older hardware (screen/knob)?


Anyone has a knob and screen from the first generation of brew pi ?

I had a bottle of starsan self popped and leaked on top of my arduino setup. I replaced the arduino but the knob and the screen were also affected by the starsan.

@Elco probably you don’t have any lying around, do you ?

Let me know, I’d like to fix my fermentation chamber.

Much appreciated!

If I don’t find any one willing sell me some spares I’d have to check maybe I can make my own little setup based on the newly resurrected.

“Do-It-Yourself BrewPi Arduino Shield”.


I’ll check on Monday. I know I still have the LCDs, not sure about the interface board.


This is not urgent, trying to figure out a solution. I guess the ultimate would be to get the new device…