Older hardware (screen/knob)?

Anyone has a knob and screen from the first generation of brew pi ?

I had a bottle of starsan self popped and leaked on top of my arduino setup. I replaced the arduino but the knob and the screen were also affected by the starsan.

@Elco probably you don’t have any lying around, do you ?

Let me know, I’d like to fix my fermentation chamber.

Much appreciated!

If I don’t find any one willing sell me some spares I’d have to check maybe I can make my own little setup based on the newly resurrected.

“Do-It-Yourself BrewPi Arduino Shield”.

I’ll check on Monday. I know I still have the LCDs, not sure about the interface board.

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This is not urgent, trying to figure out a solution. I guess the ultimate would be to get the new device…

Hi, I thought of checking in and check on my options here.

Would the minumum require to get it it back functional would be the interface board right ? I really don’t need the screen and knob to get it back running, is that a correct statement ?

Bump !? I will ask the community members maybe someone upgraded and don’t need the old shield. I think myshield was fried by the StarSan Attack!

Hi, sorry I totally forgot about this.
I’ll be in Budapest until Wednesday, then I can have a look.

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Getting a chance to get finally back to you!

I got the knob and the screen. all helped. My screen was somewhat fried too, missing dots, the knob did help too, as the original one was “inversed”. Put it all back together and will reconnect the temp sensoers and actuators sometime this week. The arduino and pi seem to be back in shape!

Thank you for you help and sorry for being a pain :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Best Wishes from Minneapolis!

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Awesome, good to hear. Happy holidays!