One of two sparks - connection refused


I’ve recently completed a lagering session and decided to change some things…first was moving to a Pi 4, which corrected some wifi connection issues. Then I had an older spark whose photon was not fully working - ordered a replacement photon and now it’s good to go and connected. However, the newer sparkv3 is not connecting (Connection Refused). Not sure where to go from here – Log:

Your logs are not showing any major issues - just it being unable to connect to

Some steps to find the issue:

  • what IP address does your Spark LCD show? Does this match the IP address in your compose file?
  • can you visit the IP address at port 80 in your browser? It should show a short message about the Spark not having a web UI.
  • if you connect by USB (update docker-compose accordingly), does that work?

A couple of errors on my part (not enough coffee)…one is that it is 102 that is not connecting (it is the older Spark). It will connect over USB, it shows the correct static defined DHCP address of However, it does not respond properly over http. The newer Spark with the 101 address does respond over http.

One more note, 102 does ping reliably.

Are both running the latest version? Did you flash the new photon over usb?

In your compose file, did you add the device ids to distinguish them and did you update it for the new photon?


Yes, both have been flashed with the version of BrewBlox I have installed. I’m a little concerned the flash process is not fully taking on the older Spark (since the older spark does not respond to http).

I do not have the device IDs configured at this point, I will have to look and see how to find the IDs and apply them.

I’ve added the device IDs and still have the same result. If I remove the --device-host= in the compose file, it connects over USB both start up successfully. However, when I add the --device-host= to it, it no longer connects. The 101 spark continues to connect.

Does the display on the spark show the ip address? Is the led breathing green or teal slowly?

The IP shows on the display and it is breathing green (appears the same as the newer spark, obviously the led is on the back side).


I’m not sure what changed, time perhaps? I got back to looking at things again and now the problem spark is responding over http and both are showing as valid services in the UI.

Apparently I forgot to stand on my left foot when turning the power off and on or something!