One Spark two Rpi's

Would like some advice. I have my original Rpi connected to the Spark on USB. I have just built a new RPi 4 and using a Snapshot as described in the upgrading guide managed to sucessfully port my setup to the new Pi. Supriseingly the new system connected via wifi.

The question is, having two Pis interacting with one spark is this storing up problems or can the co-exist happily? I am not brewing anything at the moment so am happy to play.

Altheratively could I just switch one of the Pis off and leave the spark reporting to just one.

Grateful to hear views on this.

Having a spark connected to two Pis will definitely break things.

If you’re not using the other parts of your old setup I’d just run brewblox-ctl down on your old pi.

Thanks for the quick response. Kind of what I thought. will follow your advice and shut the old one down using the command.