One Wire cable information

Hello Brew Pi Community,

I am trying to find out the what brand/type of wire is used on the one wire sensors. I know its three wires but not sure what gauge it is or where I could buy it. I want to make some longer runs but want to use the same exact wire used on the temp sensors. If any one could help with this I would appreciate it! Thanks

A dirty easy way to do it is to buy some cheap sensors off eBay and just butcher them up to get the same looking cable. If you don’t mind the aesthetics being a bit different you can get 3/4 core stranded wire from HomeDepot/Lowes and just splice in, I use a multicore security wire I got at HomeDepot. Gauge really shouldn’t matter too much here since these are digital (as far as I know), think about how a $40 HDMI cable is no better than a $10 cable; digital is digital.


Thanks @sunadmn. After I posted this, I kept looking and think I found the exact wire. I will be calling them today to get some more info. Once I get it I will post info on here if anyone is wanting to extend their sensor wire by keeping it clean.

This is a handy little guide to splicing like a Rocket Scientist.

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