One wire cable source

Hi here,

I have searched the shop and forum for information about where to buy finished cables.

Is someone aware of a source or will I have to make them myself? :smile:



@xillur I have been looking for the same thing. Try this website:

I think its the same size but not sure. I went back on amazon and found some one wire temps that have 9 feet of cable on them. For the price that I would pay for wire on the same size is going to cost me the same for the 5 temp probes with 9 feet of wire on each. so when they come in the mail I am going to cut the sensors off and use the wire. I already have 10 sensors ready for use. I am like you I want the same exact wire that is used on them but its hard to find the wire. I think its custom ordered by the makers.

The sensors we sell in the shop are indeed with custom silicone cable, so they are high temperature proof.

I also got sensors with a 2.5m cable in my last shipment, but still have to add them to the store.

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Sorry, I meant a cable between brewpi and the one wire SSR expansion board.

Something like this:

Will some of the wires need to be twisted?

The pinout on both plugs should be identical. On your ebay listing, from the photo it looks like they are the same, but the description says otherwise.

You could also go for a crimp tool and some plugs, than you can cut it to the required length.

You should be able to find these in any DIY store.

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I didnt know you could get crimp tools that cheap :smile:
Thanks for the link Elco!