One Wire Compatible Thermometer

Hello All,

I ordered one of the Threded Onewire Temperature Sensors from the BrewPi store and I am planning on incorporating this sensor into a Threaded “T” that will be positioned between my counter-flow wort chiller and my fermentor.

I’m looking for a standalone thermometer which is Onewire compatible that I could use to simply monitor the temperature of my wort exiting the chiller and entering the fermenter, so that I can make flow adjustments when the temp gets to high or low for proper yeast pitching temperature. I have seen solutions online like building a device with display with an Arduino UNO. I do have an extra laying around, but I would much rather prefer a prefabricated solution, like a handheld thermometer with a wired temperature probe that I could ether switch out or splice into with the threaded sensor that I ordered. Any ideas?

I don’t understand your question. The threaded sensor you ordered is a OneWire sensor. You can just plug in into your BrewPi Spark to monitor the temperature. Maybe switch it to test mode temporarily so it displays the temp of all connected sensors. (better support will come, of course).

Are you asking about a standalone display? Or do you want no electronics involved?
In that case, you can move one of the camlocks to the side port and use something like this:


yes, I am looking for a standalone display that I could use with the Threaded Temperature Probe. My BrewPi Spark is used to maintain my keezer temperature, so its not freely available at the moment. I am considering a second one down the road to dedicate to mashing in the future. Actually the threaded dial thermometer wasn’t something that I had actually even thought of. Great suggestion, for an analog solution, that might actually do the trick and fulfill what I am looking for. Thanks

Something like this?

or something like this ?

Thanks for both suggestions @purpleogre and @rlightner . For an electronic solution, I think both of those ideas will do the trick. I can cut the existing temp sensors off, crimp a RJ12 connector and join the threaded Onewire sensor that I ordered with a regular phone line coupler.