Ones & Zeros Brewing inspired fermentation chamber (Spark version)

This build is inspired by [Ones & Zeros Brewery][1] only with the Spark version instead of the Arduino. I found a fridge with a glass door on a used items auction site in a bad shape and decided to refurbish it completely. As the project went along I realized that I had been quite lucky with the fridge model. It turned out to be convenient to place wiring and plugs. Im just going to let the photos speak for them selfs. Sorry for the massive amount of photos but I wanted to give all the details some justice. I hope this inspires someone to get started on there fermentation chamber builds and I quite happy to answers questions in the comment section it you have any.

Final result



Awesome build and very fine photo documantation.

Great build and well executed. Do you happen to know which model is the fridge? I am having hard time finding the one to fit my SS Brewmaster bucket 7 Gal inside.

Thanks a lot maxx,

This model is Helkama C165G. It fits the Blichmann Ferminator 7 gallon very nicely. I think the dimensions of the ferminator are 15" by 15" and 27" in height.

I think the Brewbucket dimensions are 12.5" by 12.5" and 20.5" in height.

You should look into fridges with glass doors like this one they are way more spacious then others

Thanks alot. I have found ColdMatic CG165GV which is basically same model as yours, since ColdMatic bought Halkema in 2011.

Can you meassure for me this things in your fridge;

I got response from coldmatic and they claim the depth on the bottom is “only” 305mm which is 15mm short to fit inside the SS Brew Bucket 7 Gal.

Do you have yours Blichmann placed this way;

It is sagging over the compressor space? The SS brew bucket is 32cm on the bottom so I don’t know if I can fit it inside.

By the way, the price for new ColdMatic is really great and they also have the black model in-stock. I just need to figure out how to fit this SS bucket inside.

It looks like it is the updated model of my fridge and almost surely has the same dimensions.

I can see from your diagram that you understand how the ferminator fits is. Yes it is sagging over the compressor space.

The measurements:
The total hight of the inner space is 76 cm
The hight of the compressor space is 20 cm
So if you were to make some shelf on top of the compressor space you would have a height of 56 cm while the brewbucket is 52 cm.

So the depth of the fridge is 305mm from the compressor space until the edge of the open door, BUT you have at least 2 extra cm of room because the gasket is so thick.
So the space from compressor space to glass would be: 325 mm

If the total height is 76cm than this is no problem. ColdMatic gave me inside meassurment of 73cm. Probably they count in the lamp or something, since outer dimenssions are the same as your fridge. Did you remove the lamp on top?

Thank you again for all the help with this, much appreciated.

Yes I removed the lamp because I needed more height. It’s very likely that it was around 3 cm tall.

Glad I could be of help and good luck with your fridge build. Feel free to post more questions as it goes along

Good news, just got exact measurements for SS BrewMaster bucket 7 Gal. It’s 270-275 mm at the bottom and 315 at the top (with lid and clamps). The height is 530-545 mm. It should fit this fridge nicely. Will post my progress, but it will be awhile since SS buckets are on back order and should be in EU week 10.

Can I ask how is the temp sensor holder called or if it’s available online somewhere? I try to find something similar, showed the picture in my hardware store but they don’t have anything like that. I see there is also rubber stopper inside, is it?

This is a large electric wire connector that I bought at a local hardware store. I bought this particular type in a parallel of maybe 10 and you can then brake one off at time. Something similar to this:

Try to go there again and show them the photo of the electric connector with the plastic on. They might not have know what they should have been looking for if you just showed them the photo of the bare metal. And also bring your temp sensor to make sure it fits.

What a great idea! I indeed find the correct ones easily. Will start modifying my two fridges next week. Thanks again mate!

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