OneWire Hub/Switch

One wire is new to me, is there a good resource for info on this standard? I’d like to extend my wiring around my brewery and was wondering if there are hubs/switches designed for One wire and if so what model is recommended for use with BrewPi and where is best to purchase it from. I’m also looking for extension cables and wondering what the max length supported.

I found the 1-Wire Basics from HobbyBoards useful especially regarding the possible network topologies:
Arduino has a useful guide, too:


Thanks for the links, very useful. So I should be able to build my own ‘hub’ by just wiring a few RJ12 sockets together in parallel. This will solve my issue.

Am i correct in thinking that I could use [something like this] 1 as a one-wire hub then?

I believe so. From what I have read you can simply daisy chain 1-Wire devices together or setup some sockets in parallel which would essentially be a hub of sorts.

I used sections from an old cat5 network patch panel to make a hub. I vaguely recall RJ11 adapters flip the cable layout, however I could be mistaken.

@SwiftPint I hope that hub works, because I just bought two of them yesterday on ebay (germany) ;-). I’ll post my findings here as soon as the hubs arrive.

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I bought a couple of these a few weeks back:

Just delivered today so I’m planning on testing them out when I get home from work

Those splitters i ordered worked just fine for one wire stuff

Great! Thats good to know

My 1-wire hub arrived today and my first tests were successful. The hub I bought on is called “6P4C 5x Splitter”.