OneWire SSD expansion board - use with own software

Hi Elco,

I have started a project to add temperature control to my greenhouse and to monitor various parameters such as humidity, soil humidity, daylight hours, etc.

I would like to build everything from scratch using the particle photon just to learn and enjoy the DIY aspect of it. I have figured out how to read multiple one-wire sensors and control relays and so getting there…

I would like to incorporate an SSD in the build to control a heating cable that will serve to keep the soil at a constant temp for optimal germination of seeds.

I was wondering if it would be possible to use your SSD expansion board for this purpose - integrating it into my own project and own software. Would you be willing to give me a hand with the coding as to how the address can be searched via the onewire library and then how it can be switch it on and off?


p.s. I am now 6 or 7 batches in with my brewpi controlled fridge and it is working like a charm, you can consider me a happy customer.

answering my own question: it is based on the well documented DS2413 onewire switch.

post can be disregarded :slight_smile:

yep, If you want to see the source code, look here: