Only one fermenter at a time?

How can I assist on adding support for more than one “chamber?”

I’m using this exclusively for fermentation, buying a Spark per fermenter seems like an overkill.

Yes, that is overkill, completely agree.

We are working on a completely new instance of the software, based on Django, React, InfluxDB and Grafana, to make the configuration dynamic and flexible instead of static.

We could use help with the Python backend, or the React (JavaScript) frontend.

Sounds like my team’s stack. (

We use React, InfluxDb, RethinkDb, Grafana, and more. Let me know how I can lend a hand. No experience with Django but can’t be too hard.


When will we see the return of the 2 chamber capability with the new system, with heat and cool capability? I have two 14 gallon fermentation chambers and it seems we are near a year waiting for this capability to return.
Thank you for your time and support,

I am also hoping to see this this year, otherwise I will have to buy a third Spark :wink: