Only one sensor temp configurable


I am trying to configure my DIY shield mounted on Leonardo.
I have only 4 devices : Heater, Fridge and 2 sensors on the same pin.

I don’t know why but I am not abble to configure the second temp sensor whereas it is detected and it displays the good temperature.
I have modified the but all seem OK.

Any Idea ?

A second question, how can I easily test my actuator ? nothing on the PiLink, can I drive them through the web pages ? For now, they are never driven, probably an hardware problem… to investigate…

Thanks a lot for your help

You cannot reassign pins by modifying the pin list. They are hardcoded in the firmware, the pin list only makes sure the python layer know how they are hardcoded in the pin list.

Please revert the changes by doing a git reset --hard. Then, make sure your hardware matches the default firmware, it is an easier route that recompiling the firmware.

You can only have 1 sensor assigned to chamber temp (chamber device, chamber 1) and only 1 to beer temp (beer 1, beer device).

Yes I know it is hardcoded, I have built my firmware based on revC 0.2.1.
Sorry, it was an easy problem, I was always configuring “chamber 1/chamber device”.
Now I have the second temp for “chamber 1/beer 1” and I have both temperature displayed on the web page.
Thank you for your help.
Now I am going to test my actuators…