Opening BrewPi Spark Case

I caught something on the cable connecting my Raspberry Pi to my Spark, and it fell. Although I can still power the spark and it controls the fridge based on the previous setting, I’m unable to connect to it via the pi interface.

I’d like to open the case, but I’ve triad and worry that I won’t be able to without damaging the hardware.

Can someone kindly give guidance?



Under the rj12 block are 2 holes in which you can put a small screwdriver to lift the outer shell from the hooks on the bottom plate.

I am not able to take a photo right now, so let me know if you need more guidance later.

Thanks. More guidance would be lovely. When I do wheat I think I’m supposed to, I feel like I’m about to break something.


Here is how to open the case:

Next step is a bit harder: to get the board off the bottom plate, you will have to pinch the hook of the standoffs while lifting the board. It that is not working for you, you can unscrew the standoffs from the bottom plate instead, while they are still hooked into the board by grabbing them with pliers.