OpenVPN? "waiting for datastore message"

Hi Bob,

I have a Openvpn coonection between the brewhouse and my living place. The connection is working fine in tunnelmode. Unfortunately i can start the WebUI but i always get the message “waiting for the datastore” when i connect via the tunnel.

Do i have to open specific UDP/TCP ports?

The same happens with the Spark 4 controllers. I cannot reach them


Does it change the result when you toggle between http and https?

The self-signed certificate of the background WS connections has been blocked on occasion.

unfortunately not… any other idea?

If you open the debugging network tab (ctrl-shift-i, network tab), and then reload the page, could you please export it as HAR? To do so, right click on the tab, and choose “export as HAR”

Hi Bob,

The file exceeds 1MB; therefor the wetransfer link below


It looks to be only fetching UI files. Everything else, including images and ping calls to the backend did not get a response.

It’s hard to say who or what may be responsible, but we can try and look at the usual suspects:

  • Are all services running on the server?
  • Could you please run brewblox-ctl log?
  • Does the problem reproduce in other browsers?
  • If you run a blanco nginx server, can you access that?

To start:

docker run --rm -it -p 8080:80 nginx

To access, navigate to http://address:8080. You should see a simple “Welcome to nginx!” message.
Press Ctrl-C to stop and remove the nginx container again.